Monday, May 27, 2013

Fool's Gold Cheerleading Season Has Begun!!

I can not believe that the Fool's Gold Cheerleadering has officially begun!! Susan Mallery has a new release of the Fool's Gold series releasing tomorrow called Just One Kiss.

If you online or buy a copy, please let me know, you will be helping me get points during my Cheerleading season, thanks.

Any questions, just ask me!!  I will be happy to answer them!!

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  1. You need to put down the Cedar Cove books and read "Just One Kiss"! I've read every single Cedar Cove book and they are good but "Just one Kiss" will keep you reading all night!

  2. I am reading Just One Kiss now. Those Cedar Cove books are as addicting as Fool's Gold, but you know which books I will always love!!

  3. Love just one kiss its a fast read as all the other Fools Gold series. Have fun and cheer your heart out

  4. Nice job Melissa. Love the blog and all the info you have on it.

  5. Melissa, you did a great job with this. I love it. cheerleading has been going well this week, Hopefully we will see Susan in the Top 10 ... no ... Top 5 list soon!