Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just One Kiss and Two of a Kind are available now.  Three Little Words is available by pre-order.  If you buy or pre-order, please let me know.  Since I am a Fool's Gold Cheerleader, I can get points if you buy or pre-order Just One Kiss, Two of a Kind, & Three Little Words.  Thanks.

Amazon- Just One Kiss

Amazon- Two of a Kind

(Comes out July 30, 2013)

(Comes out August 27, 2013)
BN: Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 Recipes

(Comes out September 24, 2013)

(Comes out October 29, 2013- Paperback reissue)
Amazon- A Fool's Gold Christmas
BN- A Fool's Gold Christmas
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I would love to talk about the Fool's Gold Books, characters, and the town.

*Which character is your favorite?
*Which guy is the cutest?
*Which is the cutest couple?

Don't forget about my Chasing Perfect Book Giveaway!!

Learn more about Susan Mallery!

Follow your dreams & don't give up!!

Susan Mallery on Just One Kiss

I love Just One Kiss!!  Always love returning to Fool's Gold. It is like returning home!! I love starting my summer reading a new Fool's Gold book!!  I love the relationship between Patience & Justice. I love Felicia, too.  She is something, but I think she would be a great friend.  Always there for you no matter what & that is the type of girlfriend we all need.  I love Lillie.  Patience has raised a sweet little girl & she should be proud of herself.  

Looking for a great book.  I recommend Just One Kiss!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I am going to be having a giveaway for the Cheerleading season!!  I have a copy of Chasing  Perfect, which is the first book of the Fool's Gold series.

To celebrate the cheering season, I want to do a Giveaway for you all!   It starts now & goes to September 1st, 2013.  "Chasing Perfect" is a great book.  It is the first book in the Fool's Gold Series.

This is from Goodreads:
The first in a brand-new series. Fool's Gold, California, is a charming community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. There's lots to do and plenty of people to meet, especially women. There's just one problem: the men don't seem to stick around. The situation needs to be fixed, and Charity Jones may just be the one to fix it. 

Good Luck everyone!  Below is about the giveaway.

Here is the Giveaway:

 photo FGGiveaway_zpscb16a48c.jpg
Susan Mallery is a New York Times Best Selling Author.  She lives in Seattle with her husband & her toy poodle.  
If you want to read a series, then this is the series to read.  It is that good.  You will fall in love with the characters & the town.  Susan has it set in a town called Fool's Gold, CA.  I love Fool's Gold.  Not sure if I would like living in a small town with everyone knowing everything about myself & my family, but I would love getting some help with everything.  You just left the hospital or had a baby, then the town would be there helping you.  I love that!  You just broke up with your boyfriend then the girls are there cheering you up.  How nice is that?  You are sick with a cold.  The town helps you out.

The Giveaway is:
One person will win 
-1 Chasing Perfect Book by Susan Mallery with a Bookmark, a pen, tattoo, Susan Mallery business card & a little booklet!!
-5 bookmarks for 5 friends so you can pass them out!
*5 bookmarks are from last Cheering Season & 5 bookmarks are from this Cheering Season. So, each friend will get 2 Bookmarks each from you!
-5 little booklets for your 5 friends.
*I have little booklets from All Summer Long, A Fool's Gold Christmas, Just One Kiss, Two of a Kind, and Three Little Words. 
-5 tattoos for your 5 friends.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Halfway There by Susan Mallery

Enjoy this video!!



Holidays?  I know no one wants to think of this in July, but bear with me.  When I was reading Two of a Kind, this quote got to me.  You see we moved into our first real house, which is thanks to my mother in law.  We have her house.  She moved to sunny South Carolina to retire.  (Having fun down there as always!)  We have a fireplace (not working), but it has been years since we have had one.  I do not know how to decorate it the mantle.  So, this quote before got to me.

"I know what you mean," Patience said.  "I'm going to have to figure out when to start decorating for the various holidays.  It's not anything I had to worry about before."- Page 55 Kindle From Two of a Kind.

I know how to decorate our tree, which we have had for many years.  The kids loves our tree to be crafty!  The kids have made ornaments together for our tree over the years. 

I did decorate our mantle, but this year I want to do it better.  Not sure how to do it better, but I will get there. 

How do you decorate a mantle if you have one?  Share thoughts.  Links if you find any.  I need all the help I can get.  I do not want to rush Chistmas here because I am no where near ready. We still have to finish summer, back to school (school shopping then back to school), Halloween,  & Thanksgiving before we get to Christmas.  That is too much to get through to get there.  I am tired just thinking about it.

Enjoy your summer because I am!  Mmm, what should I plan for my kids since it is mid-July?  What are you going to plan?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spiders......No! Please!!

 photo allaboutfoolsgoldspider_zps3fe78aee.jpg

The other day I went into the Holiday room as I call it.  It is a room in our basement where our washer & dryer is located.  We also have our craft table, too.  Plus a bookcase with craft supplies.  Right now this area is under construction since my husband is going to be taking apart an entertainment center & putting together 2 bookcases so it is a mess right now. 

So anyway,  I had to go into the Holiday room for something & there they were. 

 photo spiders_zps32939cce.jpg
I hate spiders.  Are you with me?  I could not stay in the room with them.  All I could think about is the beginning of Two of a Kind & about Felicia.  lol.  If you have not read it, you need to.  It is so funny.  It is a must read.  

To read the excerpt, Click below:

Here is my favorite quote:

Felicia Swift stood immobilized in the corner of the warehouse, aware of the web, of the arachnid watching her, no doubt plotting her downfall. Where there was one female American house spider, there were others and she knew they were all after her.
The still functioning logical part of her brain nearly laughed out loud at her fears. In her head, Felicia understood that spiders did not, in fact, travel in packs or scheme to attack her. But intelligence and logic were no match for a true arachnophobia. She could write papers, prepare flow charts and even do experiments from now until the next appearance of Haley's comet. She was terrified of spiders and they knew it.

That is what I was thinking the entire time I was in the Holiday Room.  Our Holiday Room is called this because all of our holiday items is stored there.  I have to keep everything in totes because if it raining too hard too fast then it can flood, which I am dealing with now.  I was in there mopping out the water when I saw them, the spiders.  I told Shawn I will not go in there since there are spiders!  I am not sure if I can go in there.

Happy Reading!!

Catching up: Day 1 of cheering for Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind came out end of last month, but I have been a bit sick plus with 3 kids and 2 pups time got away from me.  Our older husky was diagnosed with Lymes Disease so he is on antibiotics.  He gets 3 pills at once.  We give it to him in peanut butter, but he is so picky about who he will take it from.  He will not take it from me, but only Noah.  Sometimes it takes us 20 minutes to get him to take it.  We put the peanut butter/pill in something else like rice or a broken bone.

So, back to Cheering!!  This was at Walmart.  I love going to Walmart.  Visiting with the book rep.  I wish every store had a book rep like our Walmart & KMart has.  She is great!!  I give her some bookmarks to hand out to customers.  I thought I took better photos.
 photo twoofakindday1_zpse0ed6459.jpg

On my way to another part of the store, I saw the end cap.
 photo twoofakindday2-2_zpsebb61ae3.jpg

I finished Two of a Kind last night. I loved it. It is one of my favorites. Felicia is a great character, who is very smart, tells you what she is thinking. Not many of us does that. She is very honest. Felicia just wants to fit in. Gideon went through hell and back, but will he realize what is really important before it's too late?

This book is a great read! I highly recommend it.  I am loving Three Little Words!

Happy Reading!

Catching up: Day 2 of Cheering from Just One Kiss

 photo justonekissday2_zpsc32028e6.jpg

This is a bad photo.  Sorry!!  Just One Kiss is in the center top of the photo.  My husband & I took our kids to our one grocery store.  My children make a habit of checking the books for Susan's books.  "Look Mommy there is the book you are reading " says Noah.  Of course, they helped me put the bookmarks into the books!  

We finished our shopping.  Happy Reading!

Friday, July 12, 2013


I am behind in everything here.  I have to catch up big time.  Too much to do this summer.  Plus I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, "also known as celiac sprue or gluten-sensitive enteropathy -- is a digestive and autoimmune disorder that results in damage to the lining of the small intestine when foods with gluten are eaten. Glutens are a form of protein found in some grains. The damage to the intestine makes it hard for the body to absorb nutrients, especially fat, calcium, iron, and folate."

I have a couple posts with photos from Cheering Days.  One from the first book, Just One Kiss.  A few photos from the second book, Two of a Kind.  Both awesome books to read.  I have one post I can not to post.  I just need to freeze time!  With 3 kids, 2 huskies, me not feeling well, I do not have enough time in the day.  Boy, I wish I lived in Fool's Gold.  I wonder who would come knocking on my door!!  Denise? Mayor Marsha?  You know the Mayor knows everything, which comes to another important question I have.  How does the Mayor knows everything?  

Since it is summer, share your favorite memory so far this summer!!

My would have to be going to the zoo with my brother, brother in law, & my kids!

Keep on Reading!