Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog Hop: Two of a Kind

Friday, June 21, 2013

If you could....

Tell to me....
If you could go cross country with 3 people, who would you go with?

Susan Mallery
Felicia Swift
Shane Stryker
Montana Bradley
Marsha Tilson
Gideon Boylan
Dakota Anderson 
Justice Garrett
Ford Hendrix
Tucker Janack
Charity Golden
Annabelle Weiss
Patience McGraw
Ethan Hendrix

I would choose a girls weekend.  Sorry guys!!  I would pick of course Susan Mallery because I have not yet met her, but I hope to one day along with Montana Bradley because of her love of dogs and Felicia Swift because I am curious about her.  Who are your 3?  Comment below to tell me your 3!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Is your town like Fool's Gold?

One of the Cheerleaders, Dyan, said my town sounds like Fool's Gold.  I took my kids, my friend & her kids to a parade for our Fireman.  It is done every year.  Fire Departments can come from a distance.  This parade can be 2-3 hours depending how many Fire Departments are in it along with EMS, Police, and other different things.  Lowe's was there handling out their fire truck kits.  The kids will be building them with their dad.

I started thinking that yes, my town does sound like Fool's Gold.  In the Spring, we have Kaleidoscope Arts Festival, which I have never gone to, but I will have to check it out. 

In our Downtown area, they shut down a side street so they could have Friday Night Concerts.  Not sure what else they do in that area.

This weekend is the Jeep Festival where all the Jeep owners shows off their Jeeps.  It is in 2 different locations.  I don't know much about this Festival since I have not gone to it, but I think their Jeeps do get dirty!!

I took the kids to a Kids Day.  It was where our Farm Show is handled.  The kids had a lot of fun.

We have A Big Fair every July.  We also have a Farm Show every August.  My grandfather used to have his horses pull in a contest there.  He spent so many hours training his horses and traveling around to different Farm Shows in our area.  We also have The Lake's Regatta, too, in August.  I love taking the kids to that especially if they set up the Hot Air Balloons! 

In the Fall,there is a Farm Tour.  In the Downtown area, we have a Fall Festival where there are a lot of vendors with tons of food and things they sell.  The main street is closed off.

How is your town like Fool's Gold?  I would love to hear it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Favorite Things about Fool's Gold!!

 I have loved the Fool's Gold Series since I read book 1, Chasing Perfect, when I read about Charity Jones when she came to Fool's Gold.  I was hooked.  I could not wait until I read all of the books.  But, why?  Here are my 5 favorite things about Fool's Gold

1. The People (Who's Who in Fool's Gold?)
Who is your favorite family?
The Hendrix? Stryker? McGraw?

2. The Town

3. The Mayor, Masha Tilson
I want to know how she knows everything in her town.  Think about it.  Does she have her town bugged?  No!  She reminds me of Gibbs of NCIS.  He knows everything that goes on with everyone on his team.  Mmm! 

4. The Festivals

5. The Lake
I love going to our lake to have a picnic, to get great photos of the kids, to have the kids play, etc.

What are your Favorite Things about Fool's Gold? Let me know.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving to FG: Montana's Help

For those of you that just joined us, we have 2 huskies.  Zeus is 7.  He is my follower or more like shadow!!  Zeus is very well behaved, but he is on meds for separation anxiety and now can be loose in the house without destroying it.  Before without meds, Zeus had to be crated, but that did not work so well.  He is to my left of me on my bed right now!!  Bolt was born on Christmas Day, 2011.  He is my son's pup!  He is still a pup to me.  OMG, Bolt is so hyper!!  He does not listen at times, but we still love him a lot.

I need to replace Bolt's tags since he chewed them!  Yes, you read that properly.  He chewed them.  I need to get his name tag replaced, but his rabies & license tags will not be on his collar. 

I need Bolt to calm down a little bit.  I have been having Noah bond more with Bolt.  It has been working really well.  They have been going outside playing or they play inside.  Bolt loves his toys.  I think the next thing I try to hide some bones once I get some small ones.  

What Bolt does:
1. He jumps over you when you sit on the couch at times. 
2. He has messes at times on the second floor or in Ethan's room (third floor). 

What would Montana tell me about Bolt?
1. I think Montana would tell me to be patient with Bolt.
2. to give him time
3. not to yell, & don't punish.  
4. Take him out every hour. 
I am looking into get a dog trainer to help me with Bolt.  I am having some issues with our schedule, but I will find one.  Wish me luck!!

Here is a website about warm weather pet tips.  Click HERE.


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Saturday, June 8, 2013


I took a few days away because I have been in a lot of pain.  I saw my pain management doctor earlier in the week and was told I have inflammation in my lower back-tailbone area.  I still managed to get out to cheer!!  GO SUSAN!!  I have been resting as much as I can.  Trying to get the swelling down.  If I do too much, it hurts to walk.  It is just something I have gotten used to.  I overdid it the week before cheering started and now I am playing for it. 

I forgot to post about my trip to Target the week that Just One Kiss was released.  Let me know if you brought it.  I would love to hear from you.  I love the book!!  Have you?  What did you think of Justice & Patience?  Did you love their characters?  

I am off to catch up.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Have you seen the Fool's Gold Calendar?

Last year was the year of the Cowboys.  This is the year of the Bodyguards.  To get this calendar, all you need to do is click on the calendar.   Update: I can not get the calendar to show up so I added the link.

Click HERE.

I love this calendar.  Nice to see the Bodyguards daily!!

Moved to Fool's Gold Last Cheering Season!

 Here are last season's Cheering "I moved to Fool's Gold" Cheering Posts to catch you all up (Not sure how to say that).  I need to update the photos tomorrow, but I wanted to get this all together tonight.  I took down all of my photos here & my other blog & added a watermark, but forgot to add them back here.  I will try to do a post of this so you can keep this all together if you need me to.  Better, I will have a label for it.  I will go back in tomorrow and put it in with these, which I think I may had. 

 I have some new ideas for this season!  I hope you love them!!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Best Kiss Ever (Blog Hop)

 photo Bloghop_zpsbb2bf96b.jpg
I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our Blog Hop.  I hope you are enjoying reading everyone's Best Kiss Ever.  I really hope you join us in our Blog Hop. 

In honor of being a Fool's Gold Cheerleader, I wanted to do something wonderful to get the word out about Susan's Mallery's new book, Just One Kiss that just was released.  What a better way to do it than a Blog Hop!!  It is a party on the internet.  We-Cheerleaders- hope you will join us, too.  Get those fingers typing on your blog then come back to this HERE to add your link.  It is that simple.  Just make sure that you are blogging about our theme: Best Kiss Ever.  

Off to My Best Kiss Ever.

Let's Go back a step.  How I met my husband.  

No, we are not high school sweethearts.  No, we did not meet in high school like Patience & Justice did in Just One Kiss.  We went to different high schools.  I almost went to Shawn's high schools, but we moved out of the city where Shawn went when I was in after I was in 8th grade.  We moved to the country.  I always wondered what if we did not move.  What if we moved to another house in the same school district?  Would I met Shawn or one of his friends then him?  Do you know that I knew one of his friends in college?  Yuck, I dated him, too!  (That is for another blog post)

When I was in college, I took a job at a grocery store during breaks.  My best friend, Sandy, was dating, a guy name Tim (She married him 3 weeks after I married Shawn--Our daughters are 10 days apart, too!!)  Well, Tim wanted to set me up with Shawn.  I was dating this guy at the time so I said no.  Eventually, I did say yes.  I told Sandy that go ahead & set me up with Shawn.  We met on a blind date.  No photos, etc.  Our first date was this Carnival here.  When I was young, I went to it all the time.  Well, we were only there 10 minutes.  Yes, 10 minutes!!  Just say when you are a child you see things differently!! We went back to his place & watched movies.

My second kiss with Shawn or maybe it was the third was magical.  Hey, I have to think back almost 20 years here.  I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  It was that kind of kiss that catches your breathe.  That stops you in your tracks.  I knew then that this guy was something special.

I hope you join us in our Blog Hop about "Best Kiss Ever"

Blog Hop: Just One Kiss Excerpt

I could not fit this within the Blog Hop Post so I am putting it here.  
The Theme of the Blog Hop is "Best Kiss Ever."
 photo Bloghop_zpsbb2bf96b.jpg

Here is the Just One Kiss Excerpt:

Patience opened her eyes as she tried to regain her balance. Warm, strong arms came around her. Justice pulled her so close, she had no choice but to settle against him. One second she was in danger of falling and the next she was staring up into his dark blue eyes. Her head was still spinning, but this time for a very different reason.
                She rested her hands on his shoulders because it seemed the most sensible place for them to be. She saw sunlight streaming through the bare windows and tiny dust motes floating in the air. Felt her heart beating too quickly and the intensity of Justice's gaze.
                Then he was lowering his head. She had only a second to catch her breath before his mouth brushed against hers.
                His lips were firm. Not unyielding, exactly, but determined. He was taking charge and under the circumstances, she was good with that. She'd had enough responsibility in her life, thank you very much.
                He moved his mouth slowly, gently, exploring, testing, as if he enjoyed what he was doing. She sank into him, giving herself up to the delicious pressure.
                She hadn't been kissed by a man in a long time. Years, actually. She'd nearly forgotten the thrill of the closeness, the quivering in her belly, the hint that there could be more and that the more could take her breath away.

Blog Hop- Just One Kiss

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