Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 2 of Cheering!!

This morning our first stop was KMart.  The same book rep that does Walmart does KMart, too. She told me that KMart had the books, but I told her I was there. Only 1 was left when I got there. A lot was sold!  I could not get there on Tuesday since Ethan & I did 5 stops.  Ethan could not do anymore on Tuesday.  He was too cranky to do anymore on Tuesday. 

Second Trip to Sam's Club & Yea, they came in!!  I can not remember the salesperson's name (I am so bad at that). He was so nice. He remembered me from Tuesday. He said they were dropped shipped Tuesday night. There were 4 on the shelf & he said they sold some because there were more when he put them out.  I love hearing when some were sold!!

Our third stop was a small bookstore downtown, but the sale lady wanted to check with her manager.  She was afraid that the book would not be returnable.   I think I caught her off guard with my request.  I explain why I was there.   I was polite & so was she.  She did ask me why Susan uses Cheerleaders.  I told her it is an easy way to promote her books & for us fans to get out there talking about the author & books we love.  I have never been in this bookstore before.   I hate parallel parking.  I have always brought my books from Walmart or Target.  Now I get my e-books from either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  Mostly Amazon!  I have an ipad.  I do want to go back to see if they want more bookmarks & to check out the kids' books!

The book rep was wonderful again. I want to put her name on the list, but I first have to go back to write it down. I forgot! She is there Tuesday. I am going to give her a pen, too, which I forgot to do today. I had to go back today after Ethan & I were there. She had 12 boxes to go through to find Summer Days for me, but there they were on the shelve for me! She had tons to display, too!

At the end of our second day cheering! Can you say he was wore out?  

Ethan & I will be heading out tomorrow, too, but we are only going to Barnes & Noble.  We decided to do Sam's Club today since I needed to buy Ethan his pull ups.  We were almost out.  Tomorrow I need to pick up forms from Ashleigh's (daughter) pediatrician's office so I can take it & forms (I can not forget these) for Ash & Noah for their horseback riding camps for this summer.  I have to pay for them.  I am hoping I can get Ashleigh into the Special Olympics Horseback Riding, too.  Then, we can go to Barnes & Noble, which is about 45 minutes South from where this camp is.

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Books!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Member Site & Book Signing for Susan Mallery

I am thinking of having something planned for you all, but I wanted to plan it out more.  I wanted to take a moment today to get to the member's website of Susan Mallery's.

Here is the link: Click HERE.

You will have to join the site.  You can get some information about upcoming books, games & puzzles, freebies, short stories (my favorite!), excerpts, & much much more.

What I love about Susan is she cares about her fans!  She has chats with us fans!  She asks us fans for names of characters or names for business.  

If you are in the Georgia area & can see Susan Mallery at either of these 2 locations for Book Signings, then please go!  You will not be disappointed!  Here is the information: 

Thursday, May 31, 2012
5-7p Book Signing

Barnes & Boble #2015
7804 Abercorn Extension, Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: 912-353-7757

Saturday, June 2, 2012

1-3p Book Signing

Fox Tales Book Shoppe

105 East Main St #138, Woodstock, GA 30188

Phone: 770-516-9989

I wanted to offer any Fool's Gold fan the opportunity to get a bookmark if you have had gotten one already.  I am in the process figuring out how to connect my email here so you can email me.  I can not figure this out, but I did figure out the html code to put my email here.  This email is connected to my cell phone.  I will do a weekly mail out on Fridays.  Thanks everyone!!
Email Me Here

These 3 Fool's Gold Books are coming out:
Summer Days (May 29): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

Summer Nights (June 26): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here .

All Summer Long (July 31): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Home after cheerleading for my favorite author, Susan Mallery, & I wanted to share with all of you about our day!! I took my 3 year old, Ethan, with me since my husband, Shawn, took our other son, Noah, to his MRI & to his ortho appointment (both went well).   We went to 5 different locations! 3 out of 6 had Summer Days!  Ethan was a great helper!  He was helping put bookmarkers into the books!!

Before we left, we had to get the Great looking Fool's Gold Magnet onto my van!!  =)  I love the saying "Read. Laugh. Love."  It is almost like my other favorite saying Live Laugh Love.  I believe in both of these sayings!! 


Close up of the magnet!  Isn't it cute?  I love the book covers for each of the new books coming out by Susan Mallery.  We have Summer Days that came out today!!  Summer Nights that is coming out on June 26th & All Summer Long that is coming out on July 31st.  I can not wait to read the last 2.  My review of Summer Days should be up within a week.  

My first stop today was Books A Million.  The sales clerk there was very nice.  We chatted about why I was there.  I explained I was a 2012 Fool's Gold Cheerleader, that Susan started this a few years ago (I think 2) to advertise her books.  I told him that this was the first year that our area is being chosen for this opportunity.  I asked if they are expecting anymore of Summer Days in stock & he said he is not sure.  I will be checking back with him to see.  The sales clerk still had to put Summer Days out onto the shelf to sale.  

Ethan & I went to Target.  The sales clerk here was great!!  I can not remember what Target calls their sales person on the floor!  I used to work for them a long time ago when I was in college.  He showed me where Summer Days is located & said that he does not think they are anywhere else (he was right).  Ethan helped me again getting everything we needed to put into the books!  Best stock so far!

Ethan & I went to Walmart next, but I could not find Summer Days on the shelf.  I spoke with the book rep at Walmart about Summer Days being in stock.  She feels that it was due to the holiday.  Another store in my area also did not receive Summer Days.  We also spoken about Summer Days, & the other Fool's Gold books & she is going to read FG!! =) I told her all about the series & Summer Days. I have had other book conversations with this lady before, but first time about FG! I have to go back Thursday to put the bookmark in since they did not get their shipment.  On Thursday, I will talk some more to this lady.  I may even write down this blog address for her so she can get some information about the series!  

Sam's Club did not have Summer Days, which really surprises me.  They normally have all the new releases.  I spoke with someone about getting it in.  I will be checking back in with them later in the week.  I also went into a grocery store to see if they have Summer Days & they did not.  I waited in line to talk with someone, but the lady at customer service was too busy filling up the cigarettes & Ethan was starting to act up so we left.

Ethan & I took a little detour in our cheering!  We went to the grocery store to get a few items.  It was close to where we were.  Ethan was getting tired & whiney!  

Our last stop for the day was Walgreens!  They were great there!  Books are right up front.  I never known that.  I do not go into Walgreens that much.  


I still have Barnes & Noble, which is about 30 minutes from me.  I can not wait to go there.  It is my favorite book store!  I also have this small book store in our downtown area, which I have never been in.  I think I have not been in it.  Plus go back to Walmart.  

Ethan & I had a lot of fun cheering!!
Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Series by Susan Mallery!!

Fool's Gold Festival

Throughout Susan Mallery's Fool Gold's series, we hear a lot about the Festivals that the town has.  On Susan's Website, she has a schedule for the Festival.  Click Here to see it.

What Festival would be your favorite?  

I am not sure which one would be my favorite.  Spring Festival sounds like so much fun!  4th of July Festival or Summer Festival?  I know I would love the Book Fair.  I would love to meet my favorite author, but her book signings are not near me!  Maybe 1 day.  I would love Dog Days of Summer, too.  Who wouldn't want to show off their dogs?  I could see Zeus having a lot of fun meeting other dogs, which has he not done much of, but he would love to meet other people & kids!!  Zeus loves to get attention & give kisses to kids.  Bolt would love it, too, because he is so cute!  Everyone would want to pet him!!  

End of Summer Festival sounds like fun, too.  My kids would love the Fall Festival & Halloween Party!!  I could see the kids in their costumes for the Halloween Party. See I am not sure which would be my favorite.  Can you choose just 1?

Wouldn't it be nice to go to one & see some of the town people you know?  Can you imagine it?  Walking through the Festival, passing the hot dogs.  I can smell the hot dogs from a walking distance away.  Then, I ran into Denise  Hendrix.  I ask her how all her kids & grandkids are.  Denise wants to know how you are doing & how the kids are.  You say your good-byes.  I pass some more vendors!  Mayor Marsha comes over to chat with you.  Welcoming you to Fool's Gold!  She wants me to know if there is anything she can do to let her know.  She wanted to know how the kids were & your 2 huskies, but your huskies were not with us.  How did she know?

I think all of these festival would be in our routine!  It is a way to get to know the town, the people, & get out of the house.  Plus enjoy the weather.  The town people already know who you are so why not get out & find out who they are!

What Festival is your favorite?  Tell me!

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold by Susan Mallery!!

Cowboy Calendars

Have you seen the 2012 Fool's Gold Country Cowboy Calendar?

If you haven't, you can download them as your desktop Wallpaper!  Who wouldn't want cute Cowboys on your screen? 

2012 Fool's Gold Cowboy Calendar Wallpaper 
Go to the link above to get it!!

You can also download a Windows Gadget for your desktop.  I love this.  I have it on my desktop now.

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Cheering today!

I will be out today cheering!!  I plan to go out to 2 bookstores in my area to put the bookmarkers into the Summer Days books that are in the stores today! 
If you are out today, pick up your own copy today!  

 Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

Keep on Reading Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Heidi & Her Goats

I went to the library the other day & I was looking for dog training books!  I was in the wrong area.  I even asked for help from the librarian!!  I was too far too the left.  I did find the dog training books finally.

Do you see what I see?  

Do you think Heidi would love these books?  One can never stop learning!  May love these books, too, since she is getting involved in Castle Ranch (Fool's Gold Book #8, Summer Days, Coming out May 28th).  May might get ideas from the chicken & pigs books & her son, Rafe, & Heidi might not like it at all!  At all, Heidi is raising goats & nothing else!

What do you think May might add to the mix?  
Chickens? Pigs? Horses? Cows?

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Fool's Gold Books

My Favorite Series by Susan Mallery is Fool's Gold.  If you want to read a series, then this is the series to read.  It is that good.  I love Fool's Gold.  Not sure if I would like living in a small town with everyone knowing everything about myself & my family, but I would love getting some help with everything, but I would love getting some help.  You just left the hospital or had a baby, then the town would be there helping you.  I love that!  You just broke up with your boyfriend then the girls are there cheering you up.  Nice!!

I read all of the first 6 in this series last year.  I am thinking it maybe time to re-read them.  I need to re-read the "Only Us" Novella.  I can not remember it.  That is why I did not review it yet.  I did not start reviewing books until this year.  I did review these books on Goodreads.  I only have a brief summary of each book here.  I will copy/paste my review in another blog post for each book later on.  I will add more to it little, too.  

The first book in the series is "Chasing Perfect", which we meet Charity Jones, who moved to Fool's Gold, California, which is a great place to live, but there is a small problem.  A shortage of men!  Charity is there to help with that problem.  I love the surprises that happen to Charity Jones since she arrived in Fool's Fold.  I love this book series.  You get to know more about the characters in the previous books.  

The second book in this series is "Almost Perfect", which is about Liz Sutton, who comes back to town to get her nieces when her brother can not take care of them anymore.  She has a son of her own, too, & she has to handle that her son's father, Ethan Hendrix, will find out about their son, but she has to get to her nieces.  

Sister of the Bride is book #2.5.  This is about Katie McCormick & her finding out about her sister marrying her ex.  How would you feel if this was your sister & your ex?  I need to read this one.

The third book is "Finding Perfect".  When Pia O'Brian's best friend dies, Pia expects to inherit her cherished cat, but instead she leaves her 3 frozen embroys.  Pia decides to become a single mother, but she meets a guy the very same day.  I loved the character of Peter, a sweet little boy that Raoul meets during a school's fire.  Pia has grown up a lot since we have found out how she was like in high school.  She hid behind her teasing others so others would not find out the truth about her.  Pia sacrifices herself to her friend's embryos implanted.  She is terrified at the idea of being a mom to 3.  

The fourth book is "Only Mine" is about Dakota.  Dakota meets Finn, who is looking for his twin brothers, who left college & Alaska.  Finn is not happy about them being in a reality show that is being filmed in Fool's Gold, CA.   

The fifth book is "Only Yours".  This is about Montana & Simon Bradley.  This book is really good & the ending is so good.  This is definitely a must read!!


The sixth book is "Only His". Wedding bells are ringing in Fool's Gold, but not for Nevada Hendrix. Her triplet sisters are engaged, and even her mother has a more active love life than she does. Determined to make a fresh start, she applies for her dream job, only to discover that her new boss is her first love. Maybe she could overlook the fact that they've seen each other naked, but she'll never forget the way he broke her heart. Tucker Janack agrees to Nevada's "business only"  ground rules. After all, love is a trap that the constuction millionarie has avoided his whole life. But when great business partners turn out to be so much more, every rule gets broken. Will either of them be willing to try again...or will their past get in the way? 

Only Us: A Fool's Gold Holiday Novella, which is #6.1 in the series.  This is about the Pet Groomer, Carina Fiore & theveterinarian Cameron McKenzie.  I need to re-read this one since I can not remember this ebook.  This is an ebook Novella.  ou can read it on your computer since there are programs to do this if you do not have a Nook, Kindle, or ipad.

"Almost Summer" is a ebook Novella.  This is #6.2.  This is about Paige McLean & Alistair Woodbury.  You can read it on your computer since there are programs to do this if you do not have a Nook, Kindle, or ipad.  I just finished this ebook a few days ago & my review will be done shortly.  It is very good!!  Loved it!

In May, June, & July, "Summer Days", "Summer Nights", & "All Summer Long" will be available.  Summer Days just came out.   I am taking time out of my schedule to read again.  This summer I have these 3 books on my reading list & I am reading them.

"Summer Days" is about Rafe Stryker & Heide Simpson.   I can not wait to read this one! This is book #7 in the Fool's Gold Series.

"Summer Days" is coming out on May 29.  Let me know if you have pre-order it.


In "Summer Nights," it is about Shane Stryker & the librarian, Annabelle Weiss. I can not wait to read this one! This is book #8 in the Fool's Gold Series.

"Summer Nights" is coming out on June 26.

In "All Summer Long," it is about Clay Stryker & Chantel (Charlie) Dixon, who is a firefighter in town.  I want to read all 3 of them!  This is book #9 in the Fool's Gold Series.

"All Summer Long" is coming out on July 31.

I want to move to Fool's Gold.  Being disabled, having a disabled daughter, a son with asthma, I could use some help at time.  Where is there a town like this? Anyone?   Add in 2 huskies!  Did I tell you one of our huskies is a 4 month old puppy?  I could use some help house training!  I wonder who would be good at that in Fool's Gold.  I know.  Montana!  I need her help big time!  She could get Bolt in line!  He is a good dog, but he just does not get that does his business is all outside not inside, too.  

Would you want to move to Fool's Gold?  Tell me if you want to move there.

These 3 Fool's Gold Books are coming out:
Summer Days (May 29): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

Summer Nights (June 26): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here .

All Summer Long (July 31): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

Go out & buy these books!  Keep on reading! (especially Susan Mallery books!!)

We are moving to Fool's Gold

Yes, you read that right.  We are moving to Fool's Gold, CA.  Why you ask?  Because it is a great town.  Great is not the word to use to describe it.  Wonderful town!!  

Let's go back a step!  Have you read any Susan Mallery's books?  
Yes, then you know what I am talking about.  No, then let's get you one in those hands of yours.  lol.  This is a great series.  That is why I am here.  I love this series & I love Susan's books!!  She is my favorite author.  

I am one of the 2012 Fool's Gold Varsity Cheerleader for Susan Mallery.  If you have any questions about the books, the series, please let me know.  I will answer them.  If you read books or ebooks, I will post both the links for those for you for both Amazon & Barnes & Noble.  Let me know if you pre-order a book, I will get points.  I am pre-ordering Summer Days, Summer Nights & All Summer Long.  I can not wait to have these 3 books out.  I am ordering them as e-books for my ipad from Amazon for the Kindle app.

Part of being a Fool's Gold Varsity Cheerleader, I can win items from Susan.   I think I mentioned this before.  I am so excited to be a cheerleader for Susan.  I love her books.  If you pre-order one of the books I listed above, I can get points.  Let me know plus I want to know what you think of the books, too.  I would love to talk to you all about each of the Fool's Gold books!  What FG's book is your favorite?  What character are you mostly like?  I want to know these answers.

For all of the Fool's Gold Books, you can use these 2 links.  
Depending if you prefer Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  

Barnes and Noble Fool's Gold Books
Amazon Fool's Gold Books

Almost Summer (May 1):Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

These 3 Fool's Gold Books are coming out:
Summer Days (May 29): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

Summer Nights (June 26): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here .

All Summer Long (July 31): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

Susan Mallery's Website
Susan Mallery's Facebook Page
Susan Mallery's Twitter  
Susan Mallery's Goodreads Page
Susan Mallery's Pinterest Fool's Gold Page
Susan Mallery's Pinterest
Fool's Gold Summer Kisses
We love Susan Mallery Group on Goodreads

Throughout my Fool's Gold blog, I will be talking about every book & of course the town.  What would it be like to live in Fool's Gold, CA?  I will be answering this question in no time. 

Don't forget to keep on reading!!