Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chasing Perfect Giveaway almost over!

Chasing Perfect Giveaway is almost over!  I will be picking the winner by Rafflecopter tomorrow.  Then, the winner has 24 hours to email me.  I will post my email tomorrow on here.  If you do not email within the 48 hours, I will pick another winner.  

I have a blog post to do for Susan Mallery's Cookbook.  I love love this cookbook!!!  If the cookbook was on the bed with me, I would type the recipes I made at my Cookbook Party, but it is on my desk and I am so exhausted.  I am drinking one of the smoothies, triple berry!  YUMMY!!  Smoothies are big in our home.  In the summer, I make them a lot.  I have my own recipe, which I will share tomorrow when I talk about the triple berry and the Tropical Smoothie, which I made for my son, Noah, which he loved.  

Happy Reading!!

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