Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fool's Gold Festival

Throughout Susan Mallery's Fool Gold's series, we hear a lot about the Festivals that the town has.  On Susan's Website, she has a schedule for the Festival.  Click Here to see it.

What Festival would be your favorite?  

I am not sure which one would be my favorite.  Spring Festival sounds like so much fun!  4th of July Festival or Summer Festival?  I know I would love the Book Fair.  I would love to meet my favorite author, but her book signings are not near me!  Maybe 1 day.  I would love Dog Days of Summer, too.  Who wouldn't want to show off their dogs?  I could see Zeus having a lot of fun meeting other dogs, which has he not done much of, but he would love to meet other people & kids!!  Zeus loves to get attention & give kisses to kids.  Bolt would love it, too, because he is so cute!  Everyone would want to pet him!!  

End of Summer Festival sounds like fun, too.  My kids would love the Fall Festival & Halloween Party!!  I could see the kids in their costumes for the Halloween Party. See I am not sure which would be my favorite.  Can you choose just 1?

Wouldn't it be nice to go to one & see some of the town people you know?  Can you imagine it?  Walking through the Festival, passing the hot dogs.  I can smell the hot dogs from a walking distance away.  Then, I ran into Denise  Hendrix.  I ask her how all her kids & grandkids are.  Denise wants to know how you are doing & how the kids are.  You say your good-byes.  I pass some more vendors!  Mayor Marsha comes over to chat with you.  Welcoming you to Fool's Gold!  She wants me to know if there is anything she can do to let her know.  She wanted to know how the kids were & your 2 huskies, but your huskies were not with us.  How did she know?

I think all of these festival would be in our routine!  It is a way to get to know the town, the people, & get out of the house.  Plus enjoy the weather.  The town people already know who you are so why not get out & find out who they are!

What Festival is your favorite?  Tell me!

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold by Susan Mallery!!


  1. Wow, Melissa!! What a GREAT blog!! You have so much information here. I'm so glad you're cheering this year. We're going to have a blast!! I wish I'd kept up and commented on all of your posts, but I promise to keep more updated as we go along. If not, remind me. You've done a GREAT job! I love this series and can't wait for Shane and Chad's books!!

  2. Thanks Angela! I have more ideas on the way!! I can not wait for Summer Nights & All Summer Long to come out!

  3. Love the blog! I'm totally with you about the festivals. I want to go to ALL of them. :D We have a lot of festivals where I live, but none of them are as cool as the ones in Fool's Gold sound. :D