Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Member Site & Book Signing for Susan Mallery

I am thinking of having something planned for you all, but I wanted to plan it out more.  I wanted to take a moment today to get to the member's website of Susan Mallery's.

Here is the link: Click HERE.

You will have to join the site.  You can get some information about upcoming books, games & puzzles, freebies, short stories (my favorite!), excerpts, & much much more.

What I love about Susan is she cares about her fans!  She has chats with us fans!  She asks us fans for names of characters or names for business.  

If you are in the Georgia area & can see Susan Mallery at either of these 2 locations for Book Signings, then please go!  You will not be disappointed!  Here is the information: 

Thursday, May 31, 2012
5-7p Book Signing

Barnes & Boble #2015
7804 Abercorn Extension, Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: 912-353-7757

Saturday, June 2, 2012

1-3p Book Signing

Fox Tales Book Shoppe

105 East Main St #138, Woodstock, GA 30188

Phone: 770-516-9989

I wanted to offer any Fool's Gold fan the opportunity to get a bookmark if you have had gotten one already.  I am in the process figuring out how to connect my email here so you can email me.  I can not figure this out, but I did figure out the html code to put my email here.  This email is connected to my cell phone.  I will do a weekly mail out on Fridays.  Thanks everyone!!
Email Me Here

These 3 Fool's Gold Books are coming out:
Summer Days (May 29): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

Summer Nights (June 26): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here .

All Summer Long (July 31): Amazon Here/ Barnes & Noble Here.

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  1. I'm in Georgia and SO hoping I can make one of them. They're each about 3 hours, so it's 6+ hours round trip.

  2. Susan’s Fool’s Gold series is my absolute favorite. Not only do you wish the town and characters were real, you feel like it all is. Susan goes above and beyond other authors by giving us updates between the stories and after the HEA through her website I really enjoyed Rafe and Heidi’s story. Their love bloomed gradually and they were both really real characters. I look forward to reading more about our favorite fictional town this summer :D

  3. I wish I could make it to the signing. I am going to keep looking at her upcoming events and I know taht some day I'll make it to see her in person :)

  4. I am hoping Susan can make it closer to me then I can make it. Even if it was over in OH, I maybe able to make it. We are close to the border. Some day I will get there!