Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spiders......No! Please!!

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The other day I went into the Holiday room as I call it.  It is a room in our basement where our washer & dryer is located.  We also have our craft table, too.  Plus a bookcase with craft supplies.  Right now this area is under construction since my husband is going to be taking apart an entertainment center & putting together 2 bookcases so it is a mess right now. 

So anyway,  I had to go into the Holiday room for something & there they were. 

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I hate spiders.  Are you with me?  I could not stay in the room with them.  All I could think about is the beginning of Two of a Kind & about Felicia.  lol.  If you have not read it, you need to.  It is so funny.  It is a must read.  

To read the excerpt, Click below:

Here is my favorite quote:

Felicia Swift stood immobilized in the corner of the warehouse, aware of the web, of the arachnid watching her, no doubt plotting her downfall. Where there was one female American house spider, there were others and she knew they were all after her.
The still functioning logical part of her brain nearly laughed out loud at her fears. In her head, Felicia understood that spiders did not, in fact, travel in packs or scheme to attack her. But intelligence and logic were no match for a true arachnophobia. She could write papers, prepare flow charts and even do experiments from now until the next appearance of Haley's comet. She was terrified of spiders and they knew it.

That is what I was thinking the entire time I was in the Holiday Room.  Our Holiday Room is called this because all of our holiday items is stored there.  I have to keep everything in totes because if it raining too hard too fast then it can flood, which I am dealing with now.  I was in there mopping out the water when I saw them, the spiders.  I told Shawn I will not go in there since there are spiders!  I am not sure if I can go in there.

Happy Reading!!