Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Holidays?  I know no one wants to think of this in July, but bear with me.  When I was reading Two of a Kind, this quote got to me.  You see we moved into our first real house, which is thanks to my mother in law.  We have her house.  She moved to sunny South Carolina to retire.  (Having fun down there as always!)  We have a fireplace (not working), but it has been years since we have had one.  I do not know how to decorate it the mantle.  So, this quote before got to me.

"I know what you mean," Patience said.  "I'm going to have to figure out when to start decorating for the various holidays.  It's not anything I had to worry about before."- Page 55 Kindle From Two of a Kind.

I know how to decorate our tree, which we have had for many years.  The kids loves our tree to be crafty!  The kids have made ornaments together for our tree over the years. 

I did decorate our mantle, but this year I want to do it better.  Not sure how to do it better, but I will get there. 

How do you decorate a mantle if you have one?  Share thoughts.  Links if you find any.  I need all the help I can get.  I do not want to rush Chistmas here because I am no where near ready. We still have to finish summer, back to school (school shopping then back to school), Halloween,  & Thanksgiving before we get to Christmas.  That is too much to get through to get there.  I am tired just thinking about it.

Enjoy your summer because I am!  Mmm, what should I plan for my kids since it is mid-July?  What are you going to plan?


  1. my friend I used to live with leaves her Christmas tree up all year. (of course it went with her décor) but try that and 1 holiday problem solved :)

  2. You could always do a Christmas in July...I have a mantle but I really only put the stockings on it and usually the kids' picture with Santa. I do have a "Snowflake" Tigger (he's all white, wearing a Santa hat) that I only bring out after Thanksgiving. And I giant Snoopy dressed as Santa - I swear he is 3 feet tall - and every Christmas Eve, I take a picture of the kids in their Christmas jammies with him.

  3. Our Christmas Tree is only out for a limited time because of our youngest husky. He is hell on wheels.