Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blog Hop: Just One Kiss Excerpt

I could not fit this within the Blog Hop Post so I am putting it here.  
The Theme of the Blog Hop is "Best Kiss Ever."
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Here is the Just One Kiss Excerpt:

Patience opened her eyes as she tried to regain her balance. Warm, strong arms came around her. Justice pulled her so close, she had no choice but to settle against him. One second she was in danger of falling and the next she was staring up into his dark blue eyes. Her head was still spinning, but this time for a very different reason.
                She rested her hands on his shoulders because it seemed the most sensible place for them to be. She saw sunlight streaming through the bare windows and tiny dust motes floating in the air. Felt her heart beating too quickly and the intensity of Justice's gaze.
                Then he was lowering his head. She had only a second to catch her breath before his mouth brushed against hers.
                His lips were firm. Not unyielding, exactly, but determined. He was taking charge and under the circumstances, she was good with that. She'd had enough responsibility in her life, thank you very much.
                He moved his mouth slowly, gently, exploring, testing, as if he enjoyed what he was doing. She sank into him, giving herself up to the delicious pressure.
                She hadn't been kissed by a man in a long time. Years, actually. She'd nearly forgotten the thrill of the closeness, the quivering in her belly, the hint that there could be more and that the more could take her breath away.

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