Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Favorite Things about Fool's Gold!!

 I have loved the Fool's Gold Series since I read book 1, Chasing Perfect, when I read about Charity Jones when she came to Fool's Gold.  I was hooked.  I could not wait until I read all of the books.  But, why?  Here are my 5 favorite things about Fool's Gold

1. The People (Who's Who in Fool's Gold?)
Who is your favorite family?
The Hendrix? Stryker? McGraw?

2. The Town

3. The Mayor, Masha Tilson
I want to know how she knows everything in her town.  Think about it.  Does she have her town bugged?  No!  She reminds me of Gibbs of NCIS.  He knows everything that goes on with everyone on his team.  Mmm! 

4. The Festivals

5. The Lake
I love going to our lake to have a picnic, to get great photos of the kids, to have the kids play, etc.

What are your Favorite Things about Fool's Gold? Let me know.


  1. I think my favorite part of FG now are those crazy ladies Eddie and Gladys. Their antics crack me up and are getting better with every book. The scenes with them in Two of A Kind were hysterical!!

  2. I love the crazy Eddie and Gladys, too. They crack me up!!