Friday, June 21, 2013

If you could....

Tell to me....
If you could go cross country with 3 people, who would you go with?

Susan Mallery
Felicia Swift
Shane Stryker
Montana Bradley
Marsha Tilson
Gideon Boylan
Dakota Anderson 
Justice Garrett
Ford Hendrix
Tucker Janack
Charity Golden
Annabelle Weiss
Patience McGraw
Ethan Hendrix

I would choose a girls weekend.  Sorry guys!!  I would pick of course Susan Mallery because I have not yet met her, but I hope to one day along with Montana Bradley because of her love of dogs and Felicia Swift because I am curious about her.  Who are your 3?  Comment below to tell me your 3!



  1. I only get to choose 3? Hmmm...I'm going with Susan, Annabelle, and Patience. However, if I were single...Justice, Gideon, and Shane.

  2. If I were single, I would pick Ford, Justice, & Shane!!