Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving to FG: Montana's Help

For those of you that just joined us, we have 2 huskies.  Zeus is 7.  He is my follower or more like shadow!!  Zeus is very well behaved, but he is on meds for separation anxiety and now can be loose in the house without destroying it.  Before without meds, Zeus had to be crated, but that did not work so well.  He is to my left of me on my bed right now!!  Bolt was born on Christmas Day, 2011.  He is my son's pup!  He is still a pup to me.  OMG, Bolt is so hyper!!  He does not listen at times, but we still love him a lot.

I need to replace Bolt's tags since he chewed them!  Yes, you read that properly.  He chewed them.  I need to get his name tag replaced, but his rabies & license tags will not be on his collar. 

I need Bolt to calm down a little bit.  I have been having Noah bond more with Bolt.  It has been working really well.  They have been going outside playing or they play inside.  Bolt loves his toys.  I think the next thing I try to hide some bones once I get some small ones.  

What Bolt does:
1. He jumps over you when you sit on the couch at times. 
2. He has messes at times on the second floor or in Ethan's room (third floor). 

What would Montana tell me about Bolt?
1. I think Montana would tell me to be patient with Bolt.
2. to give him time
3. not to yell, & don't punish.  
4. Take him out every hour. 
I am looking into get a dog trainer to help me with Bolt.  I am having some issues with our schedule, but I will find one.  Wish me luck!!

Here is a website about warm weather pet tips.  Click HERE.


(This is part of us moving to Fool's Gold)
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  1. My family just adopted our first dog. She is a one year old Chihuahua and so far it's going great. We've been told she's always been laid back and a sweet lap dog, but she's also just been spayed, so we'll see if she remains as sweet and laid back as she's been so far. I just wonder when we're going to meet Webster in FG?

  2. Lesley- Have a lot of fun with her! I wonder when we will see Webster, too. Maybe in Three Little Words! I love our huskies. Our live would never be the same without them.