Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 3 of Cheering for All Summer Long

I went out after we got back from OH today to do some cheering & I of course forgot to take some photos!  I only have 1 photos!  My 3 kiddos were tired & CRANKY!!  This was after a 4 hour & 1/2 ride home.  They were hot.  We also dropped off our stuff to our home then dropped off my friend & her kids (& her stuff) to their home.  Then, we went to KMart to do some cheering & to get Aloe for my sunburn.  You know when you go somewhere like the zoo & you put the sunscreen on the kids, but you forget to do yourself.  That type of day.  Each time I did the kids I forgot to do my face & my back of my neck, but I did get my arms & my legs, but my left arm got sunburn badly on the drive down!  Ouch!

Ok!  Cheering at KMart!

I did All Summer Long, Summer Nights, & a few of the earlier books in the series.  There was 14 books total!  

I need to get this sent out before I fall asleep! I am so tired!  It has been a long weekend!  Tomorrow I am hoping I can get some photos of the kids at the zoo!  They all had a lot of fun!

Keep Reading Fool's Gold Books!!

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