Monday, August 6, 2012

Montana training Bolt!

I wonder what Montana in "Only His" would tell me to do with my son's uncontrollable husky puppy, Bolt!  He has been getting better since we got him.  

This photo of him was taken at the vet's office & I was playing with in Paint Shop Pro.

What Bolt does:
1. He jumps over you when you sit on the couch at times.  
2. He jumps on you when you come into our home.
3. He put his paws into his water bowl!
4. He slides the small area rug in the hallway to the front door!
5. He has messes at times on the second floor or in Ethan floor.  I am trying to get a gate made by my carpenter.  I have to get that area measure by Shawn tonight!!
6. I am training him to sit (he can do that), down (we will start that tomorrow), stay, lay, come.

I think Montana would tell me to be patient with Bolt, to give him time, not to yell, & don't punish.  Not sure what Montana would tell me about the water bowl!   Bolt does not stand when he drinks water.  He lies to drink!  Take him out every hour.   I think Montana would love the blocking that area & Limiting him to one floor!   I think Montana would love that I am training Bolt to sit, down, stay, lay, & come.

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Books!!

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