Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day of Cheering for All Summer Long!!

First day of Cheering for All Summer Long!! YEA!!  

I started at Walmart!  The book rep is AWESOME!  Linda is great!  I met her husband when I was there.  He wanted to meet "monkey man" but he was at home sick.  "Monkey Man" is her nickname for Ethan!!  Ethan has croup & last night we were up to 3a.  He was pretty cranky today. He is laying beside me not asleep yet.  It is close to midnight here.



I went to Target, but they did not have any of All Summer Long out.  I will be going back sometime this week before I leave for my trip!  I may get my husband to do it for me since he is staying behind to take care of the dogs!!

Off to Walgreens was my last stop!!  

I am also working on a blog post for my personal blog & I am falling asleep. Ethan is a little sleepy! Finally!!  I need to get the photos added to this blog post before I fall asleep in my personal blog!

Stay tune tomorrow for Day #2 of Cheering for All Summer Long!  Have you started to read the book yet?  I have not.  I have no time, but I will make the time!!

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Books!!

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