Sunday, July 15, 2012


We were not been in a new home long.  It wass a Wednesday night.  Shawn was at work.  I put the boys to bed.  Ashleigh is on the floor where my & Shawn's room is.  The boys' rooms are up on the 3rd floor.  

Noah came down to get me.  He looked panic!  Noah was saying "Ethan locked his door!"  I called Shawn at work & told him what happened (these things always happen when he is at work).  This is his mom's house.  We have keys for the door.  I went to get the keys while Noah stayed outside the door talking with Ethan.  

Noah & I were trying to get Ethan to open the door himself, but he could not do it himself.  He locked the door himself.  

I tried EVERY key in that lock.  None worked.  I told Shawn.  I called Sandy, a friend, that lived close to me.  Her, her husband, & brother in law was giving me tips on what to do.  They give me the non-emergency number for the fire department.  I had no choice, but to call the fire department.  I can not remember how long we were in the house.  I do not think we were there long.  I think 2 weeks!

The fire department sent a big truck.  I was thinking a small rescue truck, but nope a big truck.  The fireman was nice.  He was able to get the door open & get to Ethan.  Do you know what Ethan was doing?  Sleeping.  So cute.  

I thanked the fireman!

I wonder what it would had been like if it had been Charlie coming to help me.  I was calm.  I knew the Fireman would get Ethan out.  With everything we have been though, this was nothing.

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