Saturday, June 2, 2012


Could you imagine moving to Fool's Gold? 

Packing everything you have.  Loading it up into a moving truck.  Then, off you go!  Sounds easy when I type it up, but it is not!  Those who have moved knows.  Right?

We are moving to Fool's Gold, CA.   We are in PA so it 2500 miles or 42 hours.  I think it may take 3.5 days to get there!  We have to travel through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, & then California!! We will visit my sister a few days in Chicago!  So exciting!  After that, I am not sure where we will stay the night.

We are leaving once school is out.  School is out June 6th!!  So exciting!

Anyway, Everything is packed up! 
(These photos are from my personal blog)


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(Remember this is a Fictional town. We recently moved about 30 minutes from where we were living.  Well, it was over my older 2 Christmas break.  Long story why it was then.  It was to be next week!  I am glad it isn't because I could not be doing this.)

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