Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cheering for Summer Nights Part 3

When I went back to Target & KMart, I forgot I had that I had to go to Sam's Club.  Yesterday I finally made it there. 

We had Ashleigh's Birthday Party finally.  We went to Sam's Club to get her cake. Yum!  (sorry no pics of her cake yet.)  
This photo is bad, a little out of focus for me.  I was in a rush.  My friend & I had 5 kids with us.  My 3 + her 2.  We had to get my daughter's cake.  The kids were hungry!  (Some moody!)  

I did this trip to Barnes & Noble another day! No kids!  YEA!!  I spoke with the manager on duty.  He said he had to speak with the corporate about this, but I could leave the bookmarks there, which I did.  Summer Nights was not on the shelve.  Summer Days was.  


Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Book!!

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