Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Talk About Fool's Gold!!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!  I thought I would do something different! Let's talk about Fool's Gold!!  You do not have to answer all of these questions, but only the ones you want to.  I will answer the top one in yellow in a separate post later today.  I want to give you enough time to do the bottom questions before I do them.  Have fun with these!

Would you want to move to Fool's Gold? Why?
What Fool's Gold's book is/are your favorite?  
What character are you mostly like?
What character are you less like?
 What would it be like to live in Fool's Gold, CA?
What Festival would be your favorite? 
Favorite characters?  
Funniest characters?
The characters that has changed the most?

In Chasing Perfect, what did Charity & Josh name their baby? Why?

In Almost Perfect, what are the names of Liz nieces & her son?  Why did she not tell Ethan about their son?

In Finding Perfect, what did Pia & Raoul name their twins?  What is their older boy's name that they adopted?

In Only Mine, what was Dakota diagnosed with, what was she told about that, & do you believe that? Who did Dakota meet?  Why did Finn come to Fool's Gold?

In Only Yours, What is Montana finally doing with her life?  Who does she meet & what does he do?  

In Only His, Nevada is the only one of her sisters not engaged.  How would this make you feel?  Nevada has her dream job, but her boss is her old love.  Could you work for your old love? 

In Only Us, What does Carina Fiore do for a living & what does she do for the veterinarian? What is the veterianian's name & his daughter's name?

In Almost Summer, What does Paige McLean do for Montana & Simon?  Who does she fall in love with?

In Summer Days,Why did Rafe did not want to return to Fool's Gold?  How did Heidi meet Rafe & was she happy about it?  Did you feel bad for Heidi or Rafe about the situation they were in?  How does that feel to have someone like Rafe threaten her home? Do you believe that what Glen did was wrong?  Why?  How does Heidi know Rita?  Were you on Team Heidi or Team Rafe? Why?  Did you love the ending? Why?

In Summer Nights, What does Annabelle do for the first time in her life?  Who shows up to tell her something that she had no idea & she is not very happy?  What is the horse's name that follows Annabelle around?  What has May been up to?  What does Shane do?Do you like Annabelle's ex husband?  Are you surprised about Charlie's past?

Have you pre-ordered All Summer Long? Are you looking forward to to reading this book, too?  I know I am!

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold!!


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