Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Talk About Fool's Gold Part 2

I posted this earlier & I wanted to post my answers to these questions tonight.  It has been crazy today.  I will have the rest of the answers up in a week or 2.  

Would you want to move to Fool's Gold? Why? What would it be like to live in Fool's Gold, CA?
I would love to move to Fool's Gold because the town people help each other.  I think it would be nice having people helping you when you are in the hospital or just need help.  I know I could use some help!

What Fool's Gold's book is/are your favorite?  
My Favorite book is Summer Nights!

What character are you mostly like?
I think I am most like Dakota.  I think I am also like Pia in the organizational skills.  I would love to be like Liz, too, because I want to write a book or 2.  Details about these books are being kept private right now.

What character are you less like?
I think I am less like Mayor Marsha.

What Festival would be your favorite? 
There is so many Festivals in Fool's Gold. 

Favorite characters?

My favorite character is Shane & Annabelle.

Funniest characters?

The characters that has changed the most?
I am going to say Pia.  She carried her best friend's embryos.  She was afraid to become a mother.  Afraid of being a single mother, but she put that aside to do what her best friend wanted.

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Books!!


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