Saturday, July 28, 2012

Five Things I Can't Live Without

If you had to choose between all the items in your home & get those items down to Five, what Five items would you choose that you can not live without?

For Noah:
I think the list is easy (let's see if it is):
1. DS
2. Tablet/Computer
3. Soccer Ball(s)
4. Penguins
5. His favorite books

For Ethan:
1. Penguin Bag
2. Penguins
3. Legos
4. Toys
5. Full Cup

For Ashleigh:
1. Horseback Riding (I think Shane from Summer Nights would love my daughter)
2. Her favorite books
3. DS
4. Tablet
5. Drawing items

For me:
1. My Family & Friends
2. A good book!
3. ipad
4. Laptop
5. Cell phone

I am going to do 1 of the characters of Fool's Gold.  I have chosen Denise Hendrix.  I think she would choose these 5 things.  I would love if there was a book about Denise finding love or if she decided to marry Max, her first love from a long time ago.
1. Her children
2. Her grandchildren
3. Her Home
4. Festivals
5. Her books

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Books.
I can not think because my 8 year is bugging me.  I took his Xbox off him for him painting in my basement the other day.  He wasted my paint that is for a project I am working on & now he wants his xbox back.  My answer is NO.

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