Saturday, July 28, 2012

National Day of the Cowboy!!


National Day of the Cowboy is today, July 28th.  This is found out by one of my fellow Cheerleaders, Brenda, who also made the horse in the photo above.  Isn't she talented?  I think so & I know you think so, too!!

I wonder what Shane would think of The National Day of the Cowboy!  I think he would go!  I think he would tell Annabelle "Let's go check it out!"  She would want to go, too.  Wait, I think Shane would want to be involved, too.  Shane is a cowboy!  

Back to the National Day of the Cowboy, I was looking for the history of this day & I did find it.  It is very long.  I am not going to copy it here.  You will need to go to this SITE to read it there.  My favorite quote is:
In the words of the former President Bush, "We celebrate the Cowboy as a symbol of the grand history of the American West. The Cowboy's love of the land and love of the country are examples for all Americans."

There is also a Facebook Page along with photos & more.  Here is a 4 day weekend including a video Click HERE.

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