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Let's Talk About Fool's Gold Part 3 (Spoilers included)

Here are my answers to the questions from the other day:

If you have not read these books, then I am not sure if you should read the answers to my questions.  


In Chasing Perfect, what did Charity & Josh name their baby? Why?

Charity & Josh named their Fiona in honor of Fool’s Gold.  Fiona was the name of the youngest daughter of Ronan and Ciara McGee, the town founders. Fifi Lane was named after her.  The Founders named the streets after their 10 children. (Click here to read about the history of Fool’s Gold.)  

In Almost Perfect, what are the names of Liz nieces & her son?  Why did she not tell Ethan about their son?

Liz's nieces' names are Melissa & Abby Sutton.  Her son's name is Tyler.  Liz did not tell Ethan about their son because when she went to tell him, he was in bed with another woman & the other time his wife did not tell him she was by.  

In Finding Perfect, what did Pia & Raoul name their twins?  What is their older boy's name that they adopted?
Pia & Raoul named the twins Adelina & Rosabel (Rose) Moreno.  

In Only Mine, what was Dakota diagnosed with, what was she told about that, & do you believe that? Who did Dakota meet?  Why did Finn come to Fool's Gold?
Dakota was diagnosed with endometriosis & she was told she could not have children.  No, I do not believe that. Dakota met Finn.  Finn came to Fool's Gold because his twin brothers (Sasha & Stephen Anderson) came for the reality show that was being filmed in Fool's Gold.  

In Only Yours, What is Montana finally doing with her life?  Who does she meet & what does he do?  
Montana is training therapy dogs.  She met Simon, who is a Pediatric burn specialist.  

In Only His, Nevada is the only one of her sisters not engaged.  How would this make you feel?  Nevada has her dream job, but her boss is her old love.  Could you work for your old love? 
If my triplets were both engaged except for me, I would be sad, lonely, & left out.  I know I could not work for my old love.  The one I can not stand.  If my husband read this, he would know which one I am taking about.  I mean I can not STAND him.  I have other words for him, but we will leave it at that.  He did try to get me to be his friend on Facebook as if I would accept that.  My husband is friends with him.  Oh, Shawn knows him.  They went to school together.  I did not know this until the one day (Halloween) I answered his door & guess who was there?  He was trying to talk my future husband out of marrying me.  Nice isn't he?  Shawn did not listen to him.  He turned it around on him. So, no I could never work for him.  

In Only Us, What does Carina Fiore do for a living & what does she do for the veterinarian? What is the veterianian's name & his daughter's name?
Carina Fiore is a Pet Groomer &  she gets the veterinarian's daughter, Kaitlyn, on the bus, etc.  The veterinarian's name is Cameron McKenize.

In Almost Summer, What does Paige McLean do for Montana & Simon?  Who does she fall in love with?
Paige takes in Alistair that has Measles & he can not stay with Montana & Simon since she is pregnant.  

In Summer Days,Why did Rafe did not want to return to Fool's Gold?  How did Heidi meet Rafe & was she happy about it?  Did you feel bad for Heidi or Rafe about the situation they were in?  How does that feel to have someone like Rafe threaten her home? Do you believe that what Glen did was wrong?  Why?  How does Heidi know Rita?  Were you on Team Heidi or Team Rafe? Why?  Did you love the ending? Why?
Rafe did not want to return to Fool's Gold because of what happened in his childhood.  His father died when he was really young, leaving his mother to care for him, his sister, & brothers.  He helped, but they were poor.  The town helped & he was embarassed.  He swear he would never return.  Heidi met Rafe when Athena got lose & block Rafe's car.  She was not happy once she knew who he was.  I feel bad for Heidi since she finally has a home of her own.  If I had someone like Rafe threaten my home, I would feel scared & I would do anything to protect me & my family.  I do believe that what Glen did was very wrong.  He stole from Rafe's mother, May.  Heidi knows Rita by being in the Circus when she was growing up with her grandfather.  I am on Team Heidi because we need to stick together & a home is very important.  Rafe just wants to win at all cost & does not care, who gets hurt.  I love the ending because Heidi took a chance on love.  She went to his office, made a fool of herself, & how they told each other they loved each other.  

In Summer Nights, What does Annabelle do for the first time in her life?  Who shows up to tell her something that she had no idea & she is not very happy?  What is the horse's name that follows Annabelle around?  What has May been up to?  What does Shane do?Do you like Annabelle's ex husband?  Are you surprised about Charlie's past?
Annabelle learned to ride a horse!

Have you pre-ordered All Summer Long? Are you looking forward to to reading this book, too?  I know I am!

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold!!

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  1. Love the Q&A! :) Summer Nights was a great book and I can't wait to read Charlie's story!