Thursday, June 28, 2012

Favorite Places in Fool's Gold!

What is your favorite spot in Fool's Gold?  
What is your favorite store in Fool's Gold?

I think I would love going to Morgan's Book Store.  I bet Morgan & his follower co-workers loves books as much as I do.  They would recommend many books for me to read.  What books would they recommend for me to read?  I think they would recommend anything by Susan Mallery!
                                                                  Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Joe's Bar would be a great spot to hang out with friends.  A place to get some food & drinks!  A bar that is catered around woman!  I love that idea!  Sorry men! You can deal with it or drink at home.  lol.  

The park!  Who can forget about the park??
I would love to read on a blanket at the park near the lake.  Somewhere quiet.  Watching the water.  Take some snacks especially some fruits, drinks.  Laying on the blanket.  Reading a book.  The last time we went to the lake I was reading Barefoot Season because I was waiting for Summer Nights to come out.  Now that Summer Nights is out I need to go to the lake to read it there!  Sounds great!  Until I can get there, I want to read it on my side deck overlooking the city!!

What would be your favorite place in Fool's Gold?

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold Books!

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