Sunday, June 24, 2012

☼Fool's Gold Summer Challenge☼

This Challenge is Awesome!!  I am going to do it.  Shell, one of the Fool's Gold Cheerleaders, made it up.  I will post my another day.  I want to show you this first.  First of all, it is from the group on Goodreads called We Love Susan Mallery!  I love this group!!  I am getting more involved.  I am trying to.  It is hard to with 3 kids & 2 huskies!  

I am going to keep this all up here.  This help me.  This is the first time I have done a Challenge like this.  Please I want others to do this, too.   Come on, Do this Challenge with me, too.  We will have fun doing it together!  This all came from this Page.  You will need to go to that page & add yourself so you can be in this Challenge.  You can not add yourself to my comments to be included.  This is only on Goodreads.  I will delete all comments that are for the Challenge.  Please go to the Link that is highlighted in Yellow so you can be added to the Challenge.  Thank You!  
Keep on Reading Fool's Gold! 
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•Ride Into Fool’s Gold (Build-Your-Own) Challenge• 
Duration: 6.05.12 - 8.15.12

description Info and Guidlines! 

Getting Started
♦Create your own challenge from the below categories and topics! To do that follow these steps....

description Choose the number of books you want to read for the month, starting as low as 1 book for the month up to however many you can fit in.
description Read through the below categories and topics and find the ones that you want to use to create your challenge.
description Based on the topics you chose, select your books that will fit with each choice. You can select some from each category or all of your selections can be from one category, it does not matter, it is your challenge! (These can be added later)

Some Basic Rules
description You may change or add to your list at anytime. You may also change the level of difficulty at anytime.
description Books may be re-reads but you can only read them during the duration of the challenge.
description Please post the cover of the book if your category choice has something to do with the cover.
description Only books read DURING the challenge can be counted for this challenge.
description You may use books you are reading for other challenges. 

Please Remember To...
description When you finish a book please strike it out, or add a check mark, Post the date that you finished it, and rate it 1-5, 1♥ being you didn’t care for it, 5 ♥’s being you Loved IT!
description Update Original List, and add occasional updates in the challenge thread. In your original list and updates make sure to add books completed example: 4/10 Completed 

description The Cowboys are Coming to Fool’s Gold 
*Find and read books that are all about the newest trilogy in the Fool’s Gold Series

Summer Days (Fool's Gold, #7)Summer Days- Find a book that...
•Read Summer Days!
*Has the word Summer or Day(s) 
*Main Character Works on a farm or ranch
*Has a strong Mother/Son OR Grandfather/Granddaughter relationship
*BONUS if you can find a book with Goats!

Summer Nights (Fool's Gold, #8)Summer Nights- Find a Book That...
•Read Summer Nights!
*Has the word Night(s)
*Main character works with horses
*Main character is a librarian or bookseller 

All Summer Long (Fool's Gold, #9)All Summer Long-
•Read All Summer Long!
*Main character works as an Underwear Model! OR a model of any type (yes all summer long has a cowboy that is also a former underwear model!)
*Main character is a Firefighter OR character's caree is stereotyped to be done by the opposite sex (ie. firefighter that is a women...nurse as a man, ect)
*Characters come back to their childhood home

description The Heart of Fool’s Gold 
*Find and read books that are all about FG…the town, the people, the events…this is based on entire series

Find and Read a book about any of the Fools Gold categories below! (This can either be a theme, character or even to do with a cover...)
•Small Town
•A Bar Ran by a Female (think Jo's Bar!)
•Multiplies (the town of fool's gold tend to have LOTS of babies at once! this can be twins, triplets or more!)
*Dogs (A Therapy Dog would be even better!)
*Complicated Families
*Man Shortage
*Professional Athlete (Think Josh and Raoul)
*Construction/Architect (Ethan, Nevada, Tucker)
*Only (in the Title)
*Perfect (in the Title)

Find and Read a book that the Title/Author of the Book starts with any of the Letters from...

♥F ♥O ♥O ♥L ♥S ♥G ♥O ♥L ♥D

*BONUS! We ♥ Susan Mallery

Find and Read ...
•Any of Susan Mallery's previous books
•A book from one of Susan's Favorite Authors
•A book you consider a "Summer Read"
•A book from the Contemporary Romance genre


  1. YAY! I'm glad your posting it and spreading the news!!! I love your blog too...I need to look around more now!!!

  2. I just posted this on Pinterest, too. I thought this would help, too. I am not sure if I used Twitter yet. I have a kid saying I am hungry, but he is not coming to me to get food. I don't get up until he comes to me. My new rule. I could go get him food, but then the food sits there for awhile. I know this child!