Saturday, June 23, 2012

Post Blogs Coming Up

I will have blog posts coming up soon!  I am working on them, but with 3 NOISY kids + 2 huskies = I CAN NOT THINK!!  The huskies play together.  1 making the other hyper.  I mean hyper!  

I am trying to get 3 blog posts out by tomorrow along with Twitter & whatever else I can do, but I also fell in the last 2 days so I am trying to rest.  I postponed my Movie Night, The Vow, to tonight.  I have to watch it by tomorrow night because it has to be returned by Monday night.

Let's have a quick question based on the soon release of Summer Nights.
What are you looking forward to this summer?  It can be anything.  I am looking forward to reading Summer Nights ALONE in a QUIET deck WITHOUT the kids.  I need some "Me Time" Big time.  I love my kids, but this summer they are driving me crazy.  Ashleigh is disabled.  She has Spastic Paraparesis.  My home can be a war zone.  I just read that term somewhere on Facebook last night.  It is true.  It was about a girl getting a service dog & how their home transformed into a home & not a war zone.  The service dog was trained so the girl would hit the dog, & not someone in the home.  I cried because this is our home.  I have been debating for years to get Ashleigh a service dog, but I have not been sure.  I am going to bring it up to her neurologist & her rheumalogist.  Her mobility is going to get worse over time & she needs a service dog. I will post the link once I find it.  I think I saw this on my laptop.

Another thing I am looking forward to this summer is:

The Lake, the Aviary, the Zoo.....Oh, getting this house in order since we moved!

Listen, it is QUIET!!  Shawn is now home.

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold!!


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