Monday, June 4, 2012

Your Ideal Neighbor!

This was not a planned blog topic for this morning!  Let me explain! I woke up with the sounds of trees being cut down.  Poor head of my not did not like that at all.  I am not sure if they are done or not!  Every time I think they are done they start again so I am not thinking they are done!  ;)  This is day 3 I think!  They were to be done the other day, but it rained so here we are.  

My question of the day in honor of Fool's Gold's town & their wonderful people is: 

What is your Ideal Neighbor?

My ideal neighbor is my old neighbor!  Tim, we miss you!
Tim was great.  He helped me when I needed anything. Wait, I was leaving kind of in Fool's Gold when it came to my 1 neighbor!  If I needed an egg or a cup of sugar, I could go to him.  The one thing I asked him a lot of (are you ready for it?) is to open things for me.  Like juice bottles, jelly jars, etc.  My hands are messed up due to my back.  I don't have the strength like I used to.  I could walk across our yards & ask Tim to open this for me!  Oh, how I miss that!  That isn't all Tim did either.  He loved to mow, too, so he mowed his & our yard!  Ashleigh started falling more.  Tim put up a railing to help her into the house.  I do not know my neighbors here except for one.  I went to school (elementary K-8th) with their daughter.  They are in the same house.  Weird how we moved near them, but nice!

What is your Ideal Neighbor?

Come on.  I want to know! I want to know how your neighbors are.  I don't care if it is where you are now or where you were before.  Or even when you were growing up!  I just would love to hear about your neighbors!

I know we all love Fool's Gold & the people! I think there is a little bit of Fool's Gold in each of us!  

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold books!

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