Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Writing Sentences with the Title of the Fool's Gold Books!

Writing Sentences with the Title of the Fool's Gold Books!
How do you ask?

Here are the rules:
1. Do not use the words more than once.
In the Fool's Gold Titles, we have Perfect, Only, Summer, Fool's Gold, & Almost in more than one title.  You can only use them once!!
2.  Other words not in the titles you can use as often as you like.  This includes "A" even though it is in 2 of the books (#6.1 & #9.5).
3.  It can be about Fool's Gold!!  If it is about Fool's Gold, you can use the entire title & exclude Rule #1.
4. You can split the titles up only if it is duplicate words mentioned in #1.
5.  Have fun with this.

Here is the Fool's Gold Titles:
#1- Chasing Perfect
#2-  Almost Perfect
#2.5- Sister of the Bride
#3- Finding Perfect
#4- Only Mine
#5- Only Yours
#6- Only His
#6.1- Only Us: A Fool's Gold Holiday Novella
#6.2- Almost Summer
#7- Summer Days
#8- Summer Nights
#9- All Summer Long
#9.5- A Fool's Gold Christmas

Here is my:
As a child that came from a home where my mom married a man that was not my dad, I heard a lot it is not Only Yours, His, Mine, but Ours or Us as Mom Always said.  No wonder I was always Chasing Perfect, a saying of my!  

I am always the Sister of the Bride, but when do I find my man I marry?  I would take My almost Mr right!  I am tired of hearing from my sisters about finding the perfect men.  My sisters said that almost summer is the best time to land a man because the days are long & nights are hot.  The Holidays are coming up.  All I want to do is to hide in Fool's Gold & have Christmas there!

What do you think?  I made it up.  My mom only has been married to my dad.  I only have 1 sister.  I have been married for almost 16 years!  lol.  Your turn?  I want to read yours.  

Now I want to do one only about Fool's Gold.  
Here it is: 

Chasing Perfect(ion) all the way to Fool's Gold, CA, Charity finally found her home.  Liz thought she had it Almost Perfect at home before she came to get her nieces, but she found out she did not.  Katie wonder why she has to be the Sister of the Bride now especially since her sister is marrying her ex-boyfriend & isn't there an unwritten rule somewhere that a sister can not do this.  Why is it when you are Finding Perfect you can not find it, but when you stop you can find it which is what I think happened to Pia when she met Raoul.  Dakota wanted something that was Only Mine according to her since she is a Triplet, but do you blame her & can you guess what that is?  The last time Simon has something that was Only His he lost them both, but this time will he allow that to happen again?  Carina loved when it was Only Us according to her when she is with Cameron & his daughter, Kaitlyn, but what will happen when Carina tells Cameron how she feels?  Paige has a visitor, Alistair in time for Almost Summer, but his stay is not permanent or is it?  Heidi loves her Summer Days so she could get up early to tend to her goats!  Shane Stryker finds himself catching up on horse training books at the near by library & nearly runs over Annabelle & since that night, Shane has been going to the library on Summer Nights.  All Summer Long Clay & Charlie could have some fun if their past could let go!  Miracles can happen at a Fool's Gold Christmas when Evie returns home.

I had lots of fun doing these 2.  You do not have to do both.  I hope to see at least the Fool's Gold one! 

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold books!
Oh, less than 2 weeks until Summer Nights is released!!  I can not wait!!

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