Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 2 of Cheering Starts!!

I was going to take today off since my daughter, Ashleigh's, 12th birthday.  I had to go out to get flowers from my sister for Ashleigh.  I also had no ice cream.  Thanks Krisandra!  You will understand in a second!

I remembered before I went into the grocery store that we needed birthday plates.  I have them for Ashleigh's birthday party, but not for just us.  There is this little store a few doors down.  I noticed this young lady reading a book sitting on a bench using a piece of paper for a bookmark!  I thought "I don't have time to cheer, but if she is there when I come back to the grocery store, I will stop."  Yes, I did stop!  I told her who I was & that I have bookmarks for her.  I told her about the books!  I told her Summer Days is out now & I loved it!  Summer Nights & All Summer Long is coming out this summer.  I told her about the series & the books!  I know she will be a fan, too!

I went into the grocery store.  I wonder if they got any Summer Days in.  They did!  I went to the front desk, told them who I was, about the books, & she told me I had to talk with a manager.  I spoke with him & explained who I was, why I was there, & he told me that only the bookmarks could go into the books!  I was happy!  I told the office clerk & the manager I think I am the first in our area for this, but I will be back when the next 2 books comes out!


So, if my sister did not send me for flowers (their fresh cut did not look good), I would not been at this store.  So thanks sis!  I picked out hanging flowers!  
Ashleigh loves them! 

We got her the necklace she is wearing!! 
It has her name, dolphin, & beads.  

Happy Birthday Ashleigh!
Hard to believe she is 12!

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold!  In honor of Ashleigh's birthday, what is your favorite Fool's Gold book?  I love them all.  I can not pick just one!  Ashleigh loves to read!  I am hoping one day Ashleigh & I can read this series together one day.

Earlier in the day I went to see a friend & I told Sandy & Mary, her daughter all about Fool's Gold, the books, & I had to tell her daughter about the cowboys!  She is 12 in 10 days.  Our daughters are 10 days apart!  I gave her my Cowboy Calendar for her birthday!!  I made her day!  As Mary walked away, we heard "he's cute" many times.  



  1. Cute blog and Happy Birthday to your little one she looks so happy.... Im re reading summer days again lol this is 3rd go round love the series and have re read several over and over.

  2. Love the post, Melissa! Your daughter is precious. I love her friend's reaction to the calendar. Fun gift! :)

  3. Jenel- Thanks! Mary is boy drive!! Once Mary saw the calendar, I knew what I had to do. I had her day! Plus each time her friends are over she will show them the calendar, ask where she got it!! Maybe the moms may buy the books! I just thought of that all now! lol.

  4. Char- Thanks! I am going to re-read Chasing Perfect! I thought I would start from the beginning since it has been close to or over a year since I read them earlier ones. I do need to re-read one of them because for the life of me I can not remember it. I am not like that! I may push that up to being read after Chasing Perfect.